Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Truth Part I

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

George Orwell

"How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every police operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? If during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever was at hand? The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt."

"If . . . if . . . We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation. We spent ourselves in one unrestrained outburst in 1917, and then we hurried to submit. We submitted with pleasure! . . . We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward."

– Alexander Solzhenitsyn

In trying to write this blog, I have had a difficult time in starting because there is so much information that I want to get across to everyone that does not know really what is happening to our once great United States of America and to the world as a whole. We may live in different countries, but we are all part the human race and we all have our place and our God given rights.

We need to begin with something that troubles me greatly and you need to be aware of the truth of this matter: the current economic downturn (aka the depression) is NOT because of all the subprime mortgages that were taken out by the american people - yes many of these people should not have gotten mortgages, but they did because the powers that be wanted this to explode out of control at a later date and take the whole economy with it to enable a one world banking system. Yes, the bad mortgages are a problem and they were planned to be so by the powers that be - we will get into that in a bit. Many of these mortgages were a rip-off from the start - many had ARM's or adjustable rate mortgages that were obscene. The "teaser" rates were very low and sucked many in and then WHAM, the rate jumped astronomically and the people could not afford the new payments and for whatever reason (job loss and poor economic times) led them to default on their loans. What I want to get across to you all is that they still are not the problem - the bankster bailout bill could of paid all of these off and those people would have been free and clear - heck, it could have paid all of our mortgages off! They (the press, the government) all tell you that the amount they needed to borrow was a measley $750 billion, but the truth is that so far they have taken $8.4 trillion (by printing money out of thin air ) and giving to all of their buddies in Wall Street. That latest number was several weeks ago and now they do not tell us anything. So, at $1.4 trillion per week (which was the average), who knows what it is now!

Now, the problem with the mortgages is that first of all, these banking entities also bundled derivatives and other unstable assets into "packages" and had them rated by corrupt rating agencies as AAA and then they were sold. These are bundled together so horribly that no one even knows what is what and what they are worth - they are junk. This is the derivative market and it has not even exploded yet and many other countries bought these and so, in fact, these other countries now own much of our mortgages and other hard assets. They have been called derivative death stars by the likes of George Soros and others. Part of this too is the fact that by deregulation, the banks, which use a fractional reserve banking system, have leveraged their loans out sometimes 60 to 1 instead 1 to 10. What this means is that when you deposit your money in a bank, say $100.00, they in turn loan out $1,000 - this was before deregulation, but now, they extend that out to $60,000.00. You can now see why the banks are insolvent.

The Federal Reserve IS NOT GOVERNMENT! It is controlled by private owners - namely the Rothschilds. Our government in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 turned over all of the power to this private entity and has allowed them to print the money, "loan" it to the United States Treasury and then charge interest on that money - that is what we pay our taxes for - the interest on the loans from the Federal Reserve. What?! Why can we not print our own money? Nope, this is the control and it is a scam. The IRS is also a private organization which through the Bankster Bailout Bill was given even more power. They are not a government entity, they just want you to think they are - more of the brainwashing and deceptions that you have been taught your whole life. The federal income tax is unconstitutional - get into that one later too.

That is just a short intro into this banking nightmare because it is so complicated that I would a have to write a book, but I wanted to share the basics with you and let you know that it is not the fault of the american people at all - it is the fault of the banksters on Wall street and all of their corporate cronies and politicians - The Global Elite aka those that call for a New World Order. The depression has been planned for many years and that is why there has been so much deregulation of the banking system and the stock markets with no oversight. It was known years ago that this would happened because IMF (International Monetary Fund - global banksters) leaked their plans to crash the world markets starting with subprime mortgages. They want to do this to gain control of world monetary policy - control the worlds currency and the food and you have global control. They want to set up and control the world through their large banking and corporate entities. They started this many years ago: WHO-World Health Organization (read their plans on biodiversity sometime - eugenics programs), United Nations and now all of the "global" companies. They plan on merging all of the banks together into controlled entities. Henry Kissinger and most of the politicians call for a new world order now, their use of those words is prolific anymore. I could really get into the history of the global movers and shakers, but that will have to be another blog. Much of the current mess can be traced back to an old european family that has the control of most of the world by the name of Rothschild. Obama is but a mere puppet for the global banksters and the Rothschild family. He, and his cabinet will do what they are told, just as Bush/Clinton did as well. Obama will make it all sound really sweet and cool to be involved etc, but this is nothing more than total control of everybody - Hitler did the same things - so study your history and then watch how Obama gets his youth core etc.

The economy will not get any better under Obama's tutelage, it will crash as planned; although, I think it has gotten away from them and is moving faster than they had anticipated and they cannot really control it anymore. When you look at indexes such as the Baltic Dry Index and realize that it has dropped 95%, we are in some trouble. The BDI is based in London and figured every morning, it is the rate that ships(the really BIG ones) charge to move cargo say from China to the US. Many ship owners cannot rent their ships anymore because there is nothing to ship (the letters of credit from the banks have stopped), so they put their ships to berth(dock them). Now, if there is very little shipping, when will the stores run out of supplies? Your guess is good as mine, but keep in mind that Walmart is part of the global program and they will have food under the direction of FEMA - the Federal Emergency Management Agency and will be responsible in times of duress to distribute the food to the masses.

With N.A.F.T.A. (North American Free Trade Agreement), most of our industry was sent overseas, these big companies received tax incentives to do this and this is why we longer really make anything and most of our supplies come to us from China. Hmm... Can you see how the pieces fall into place now. More about all this in future blogs. This topic gets into tariffs and all that good stuff - yuck.

All I can is that the times are very interesting indeed and we need to prepare, band together to weather the coming storms as a group. Prep and then prep some more folks! Food is your insurance! Be self-sufficient, not reliant on nannygov!

God Bless and Prep On

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pledging To Be An Obamatron

This video just makes me ill! All of these celebrities pledging to be a servant to Obama and to go "green" and pretty much do whatever Obama says. Really gonna push the green crapola - bring on the carbon taxes - yeah rah. Love the idea of being taxed EVEN MORE, love the thought of having to pay a global carbon tax to the central banks - as if we don't pay enough taxes and now they want to tax our carbon emissions - hello - anyone in the Obama camp know anything about how the world works - WE NEED CARBON to survive. These celebs make me sick, no wonder I no longer watch TV. Brain-dead freaks. I will not now, nor ever pay a carbon tax. Watch it for yourself - but use caution and may want to take some dramamine first.

@&^&#@ myspacepresidentialpledgeproject #$&^!@

God Bless and Prep On

Well, What's Next?

That is the most likely question that is running through all of our heads, wondering what the new fuher and the NWO elite have in store for us. Listened to Ron Paul on Alex Jones (via my cell phone) during my lunch hour today and I was surprised to the extent that he mirrored many our our fears and thoughts without going way out on a limb. He basically intimated that we all need to be prepared - hence the American Preppers Network is actively spreading the words that need to be heard around this country. I am personally grateful to Tom, the man that started this network and has brought so many of us together in our mutual struggle to warn others and to form a united front for preppers and what WE stand for.

Dr. Paul basically said that the dollar will implode if they (The Federal Reserve) keeps on printing fiat money at this rate. There seems to be no end in sight at this point in time and nothing Obama does or tries to do will save the american economy. We all need to wake up and realize that the easy ride is over. We need to be on high alert from now on in. Everyone needs to understand that the plans Obama has publicly spelled out for us "sound" good on the outside, at least until one realizes that these exact plans were put into play in Nazi Germany. The Obama Youth Core sounds strangely like the Nazi Youth., the website, calls for service to the community, volunteers. Community service - isn't that something one does when one gets into trouble and the court appoints that? Oh boy, we are in major trouble here people - even Dr. Paul shares these fears. He believes we are becoming more and more communist, and he is correct, as Obama is a known socialist - read his own book "Dreams of My Father." The last thing that a communist, socialist or marxist government wants is for its citizenry to be armed, so expect major, all-emcompassing guns laws to be enacted quite soon. If the people have their 2nd amendment rights intact, then the government knows that they may "act out" against the tryanny they are imposing on the people, and the people are not as easily controlled that way. This is exactly why these rights were put in our constitution and they run along with the right to free speech.

With the fed. printing money like crazy, this all but ensures hyperinflation(the value of the dollar goes down and will not buy as much ( example - a gallon of milk may cost you $15.00 in 6 months, up from $4.00 now) for us in the future. This will most likely be in combination with stagflation - which the economy is stagnant - not moving (no buying and no selling) and unemployment rampant. Never before has this scenario, in the epic proportions happened. I cannot even begin to explain how dire this is for all of us. If you are not actively preparing now, you had better start. You will need to plan on food for at least 3 years (storable food) and you will need heirloom seeds (these will regenerate and are not genetically modified). These seeds will save your life and that of your family. You can get a great deal from survivalistseeds, from Big John Lipscomb. You will need to learn how to survive by going back to the land, back to a simpler more gratifying life of our forefathers. You will need to learn how to protect your family and your property. There will be very real threats out there when the tv's are off, no power and no food. What will the people do when they go to the grocery and the shelves are EMPTY? What will they do when they look into their wife's eyes, she is hungry, and he did not store any food? How will they feel when their children are hungry, their bellies are empty and hurting? They will do anything to get food, that's what. And, you may the next target. Listen up now, get going, get doing or you will be that unfortunate husband/father with no food and no way to protect his family. I cannot tell you how serious this is, I cannot yell that loud, I cannot drag you to the store, it is up to you as a human being.

We are going down the rabbit hole - how far does it go? If you do not want to be a victim or want to depend on nannygov to help you - then START NOW - take the red pill and join us in prepping for life. Prepping is about saving lives folks! Join together, unite and live. The choice is yours.

God Bless and Prep On


BOB - Bug Out Bag. Simple. To the point. What is it? Simple survival gear needed for a short duration. Made one for the hubster (and he didn't laugh either - lol). What did I put in it? Hmmm... simple things that might save his life in the event TSHTF. I especially worry with him 4 hours away during the week at Ft. Knox. I have this irrational fear that all heck will break loose and he is down there and for whatever reason he cannot get home within a short period of time ( I envision not being able to drive the truck as usual, has to walk to avoid check points and other crazy thoughts like EMP's) - name it and I thought it! So, I made BOB for him because I love him and want him home alive to go through all this with us.

Okay, sorry I digressed - back to what I put in it:

* Socks - need dry socks.
* Stocking cap - shaved heads get mighty cold out there.
* Bandana - never know.
* Solar blanket.
* Fleece blanket.
* Emergency candles.
* Lighters and matches.
* Plastic bottle - for water (did not want to send bottled water to break in the truck or freeze).
* Coffee filters - to filter water (better than nothing)
* Bleach.
* First aid kit - gauze squares, bandaging rolls, triple antibiotic ointment, scissors, tweezers, alcohol swabs, ace bandage, hand sanitizer and tape.
* MRE's - meals-ready-to-eat.
* granola bars - good energy and easy to eat.
* Toilet paper - yeah, well...
* Cotton balls with vaseline on them - to start fires.
* Ammo - for the bad boy.

Will probably add to it as I think of things, but I threw this together in a hurry and at least he will not be stuck with nothing in a worse-case-scenario. Want my man home and I will do what I can to give him the advantage to get back home to us. I will be making one for my van as well. The one that I made the hubster did not weigh much and would be easy to carry, even for little ole me! I will keep you posted as I think of things!

God Bless and Prep On

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tuesday Is In The Air

Hmmm... the coming week should be mighty interesting with the Obama inauguration on Tuesday and waiting to see what will happen next in the greatest play ever. I have to think to what Powell and Biden said about the new president being"tested" within the first few days of his presidency. Nothing like waiting with baited breath to see the next installment. I can hardly fathom how much money they are spending on the inauguration of Obama and this country is broke??? That money could go toward the Bailout Bill and let us taxpayers off the hook for at least a small fraction of the money we now owe to the banksters. Last time I heard a total, the train ride was $100 million and the total $ for the whole show was to the tune of $150 million!!! And, to make it even sweeter, we are having to borrow the money to put this great and wonderful show on for the whole world to see and for the Obamatrons to writhe in adoration of their King. Oh, wait, I know, just print some more and add it to our tab. Idiots. I thought we were in a depression. Could buy us a lot of preps if we got a share of that money since we are not going to the show - why can't we have some of that money that we have to pay back? Where is ours?

Hard to believe how bad the economy is when in our town, and even while down here in Kentucky for a retreat, the people go about like not a dern thing is wrong and they keep buying really stupid stuff. Just don't get it. Wake the heck up people, buy food. Now, for those that have lost their jobs, they know, but for the rest, they are just ignorant. Just wait. Oh yeah, I know, change is about to happen, right? The new messiah will fix everything and I just weep with joy at the prospect of everything being okay again - the people really believe this and they really cry because he is their savior! Oh it makes me want to vomit and then vomit some more. I can hardly even look at the man - the evil emanates from him - can anyone else feel it? The change that is about to happen is not good, I promise, and soon it will begin when Obama hits the desk running with all of his Executive Orders already to go - just need to be officially signed. Who will be the first people to have their guns taken? Not me, that's for dern sure. Lock and load.

We have got to pull it together folks, time is up and I don't know what to do since so many just think we are all conspiracy theorists and wack jobs. Well, I am here to tell you is not conspiracy theory - it is fact - the NWO, the elite, the global bankers, whatever you want to call these evil, blood sucking lucierians pigs ARE about to use us as fodder for their takeover, their global conquest. I just don't know what to do anymore and tired of being laughed at and ridiculed all the time for my beliefs, even after 7 years of study and tangible proof - just don't know what to do other than to prep like crazy and learn all I can about survival and how to protect my family. Even soldiers on base at Ft. Knox are ignorant and do not even know what martial law is. They think the hubster is crazy for his beliefs and warnings go unheeded, they think everything will be okey-dokey(even those that do not like Obama). Can you imagine? Soldiers that do not know what martial law is? Do they know what Posse Comitatus is? Or, will they blindly follow orders thinking they are doing the right thing? They are making the country safe by being on the streets and "helping" will most likely be their thoughts and they will think that those of us that have weapons and are labeled dissedents are the bad guys. They will blindly follow orders I think and that scares the crap out of me. They do not know what the constitution really says and they do not know that it is against the constituion to be on the streets of America. So, anyone that tells you that they will not go along is full of crap - most of them will follow their orders because they are brainwashed and fed lies and do not think for themselves - this comes from the hubster who is active-duty at Ft. Knox. He also tells me that there are MANY foreign troops here in America that train with our soldiers and they certainly will have no trouble putting you in a FEMA camp or taking your weapons. Grow a backbone and learn to stand up to authority are now becoming easier as I learn how evil they are and learn what our constitution really means. Armericansurvivalist wants to try to get a nationwide group of preppers in a network - sounds like a start to me - I am game for it. Check it out for yourself.

Still buying food and medicinal products, that will be on-going for as long as we can. Found a great link from Cheryl for a survival website. Tips on making Bannock bread. Check out for the recipes. Had a great way to purify water too using pool shock - will have to get some for sure. Good site and some interesting tips.

You know, back to the crazy world for a sec, so many think the economy will be okay, meanwhile, banks are closing, treasuries yielding 0%, and thousands of new cars sit in empty lots - no one to buy them. Hmmm... sounds like trouble to me. Shipping shutting down too. No ships unloading, workers loose jobs and we get no products brought in. The whole economy is shutting down. Seeing as to how we import most everything, I think this could spell some big trouble soon. IDK.

Have you seen the commercials on TV for the Obama commemorative plates being sold? Doesn't that just make you want to puke? $19.99 - what a bargain! Cult of Obamatrons are at it again. Lets all worship his image. Isn't that a sin? I thought it was. Anyway, when you have so many people (and in other countries as well - creepy) worshiping a man, it spells trouble for sure. Gee, want his coins too? Wasn't born yet when Hitler rose to power, but this seems kinda familiar to me and look where that led.

We all, each and every one us, have so many blessings that we have to remember especially during these coming bad times. Take time daily to be thankful that you were given the foresight to prepare and rejoice in the knowledge that you are protecting you and yours. Read your bible - it will lead the way and prepare you spiritually as well. This is also a spiritual war coming at us too and you need to remember that so you do not get sucked in by cons and gimmicks. Pray for discernment in all that you see, learn, hear and witness.

God Bless and Prep On

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Quiet

Outside, the temperature is now minus 11 degrees, and I have a roaring fire going, the dogs are curled up snugly with the cats and I am warm and cozy. The house is cleaned up in anticipation of the hubster coming home from Ft. Knox for the weekend, some candles are lit and the ambiance is solitude, peace, tranquility and calm. I am alone in this quiet time and feeling reflective and wondering how much longer we will be able to have peaceful nights such as this. I am constantly reminded of my newer mindset of prepping - going over and over my preps in my head is constant anymore. God's way of telling me that I need more of this or more of that - all a good thing and I thank Him with all of my spirit that walks with Him. This is the time to grow closer to our Creator and try to walk with Him in all things in this world run by luciferian people, to try to not be so much of this world and to let go of those material things we once craved and know that those things are no longer important - that you have a much greater mission to accomplish, you have been given a gift of knowing that this is the time of a great awakening of the spirit and that God will work through you, each of you. He hasn't let me down yet, and He keeps pointing me in the right direction concerning what items we need and what to be ready for. He will help those who help themselves, so it is my fervent wish that anyone reading this blog would please get ready - when you are prepared, then you can help others down the road when things are pretty rough. Enjoy this peace now and relish it for it is soon to end and by the grace of God, we will survive and have something pretty special to pass on to our children.

God Bless and Prep On


P.S. Just can't seem to get away from how things will become as I sit here typing, my feet rest on about 10,000 rounds of ammo on my shelf under my computer and Betty(my 38) is by my side. Hmmmm....I almost feel naked without her anymore!

Some Thoughts...

I want to add some thoughts as an aside while I am listening to Big John. When you get into prepping, you need to remember that the canned foods won't last forever. You will absolutely need to have some heirloom seeds and learn to grow your own garden. This is a must or you will not survive. Start planning your garden now.

We ordered our seeds from Big John at survivalistseeds and we went to his site and printed out everything about these seeds such as how deep to plant then and how far apart and all that good stuff.

Start with where you are going to grow your garden. You might not want to dig up a big fat rectangle smack dab in the middle of your yard - people going by your place will certainly spot that for sure and this invites trouble. Plant smaller areas around different places in your yard, learn to disguise these area with brush etc. Probably won't be able to have a perfectly manicured yard this summer, so allow it to grow up a little to help disguise your garden - who needs their yard to look like a golf course anyway - not us.

Personal thought - once you start to realize all of the bad things that the government does and big companies like Monsanto, you realize that they want you to have this perfect yard, free of weeds. Why? Well, I think they don't want us to know about all of the great "weeds" that God created for us for food and for medicinal purposes. Learn now, while you can what plants around you that you can eat and use to treat any health issues. I don't care how you learn it, buy books or search the net and print it out and put in your library for future use. Do it, I promise you will need to know this.

All this talk about a garden makes me want winter to be over with all that much faster and as I write this, it is -4 outside here in Indiana. Yuck. Made quick work of the barn chores today - the alpacas probably were wondering what my problem was since they were nice and toasty with all of their fleece! Cold doesn't faze them a bit! Lucky them. I weigh 90lbs and I am cold all the time and seems like I wear long underwear 9 months a year. Sucks big time.

Catch ya later!

God Bless and Prep On


Headed Back

Just read a great story from Shy Wolf's blog this morning about canoeing and it got me to thinking (yeah, scary I know) that this is where we, those of us that survive, are headed - back to simpler times, back to the earth as God intended us to be. We were meant to be with nature that He created for us, not trapped in some concrete jungle, rushing about to make ends meet and unable to understand who we are and from where we came. God created the beauty of the forests and the streams and all that inhabit them for us and I feel a deep need to get back to nature and live clean, free from man's poisons. These poisons in our air and in our food are killing us slowly in mind and in spirit. So many people out there are searching for God and cannot seem to find Him, but He is everywhere, if you just shut out man's world and open up to God's. Thank Shy for the reflection - I needed that today!

God Bless and Prep On


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playin' It Up For The Masses

Hi folks, I wasn't gonna blog tonight because I am pooped - we moved all of our preps from one room to another tonight so the kids could use the downstairs bedroom to sleep in instead of crashing on the couches (I like to have them downstairs when hubby is away at Ft. Knox). Jeez, it took 5 hours to do everything - dern - haven't had much time tonight to read the sites I visit, but I did manage to peruse a few headlines. What I skimmed tonight was more of the same ole' same ole' BS and glorified tail fluffing by the elite. They are really playin' it up for the masses.

Let's see - really liked Osama putting out a new video calling for a jihad against Israel - play this up and really stir the pot - give Israel, and the US, more newsworthy reason to just bomb the livin' crap out of everyone over there. Jeez, wake up - Osama is dead already.

Then we have Israeli chairman Lieberman saying they should do to hamas what the US did to Japan in WWII - hmmmm, is he saying nuke the crap out them then? Have to wonder.

Three rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel - provocateuring??? I don't know. Bound and determined to get into Lebanon as well. And never underestimate Russia these days - she is lurking and ready for a fight and she knows that we are vulnerable and getting more day by day.

Really liked the article about about shipping rates hitting zero as trade sinks - not much shipping going on now so I reckon this means our supplies of just about everything here will be getting pretty slim soon. Worse levels since record keeping began. And, the Baltic Dry Index is way down too with may ship owners berthing their ships instead of loading and sending them out - seems like letters of credit from the banks are nonexistent (didn't we bailout the banks?) so that the ships that did make it here couldn't unload their shipments. Sounds like one big giant mess to me. I have to wonder how long before the shelves start becoming emptier and emptier. Guess we really need to step up the prepping and go shopping this weekend and tie up the loose ends in the food preps. Have to grab some more ammo too I think. Do or die now I say. Dern the bills anyway - they can wait I reckon. At least we have all of our guns now and have just been buying ammo for the past month or so. Guns certainly ain't cheap nowadays! Six days until Obama takes office. yeah rah - what else bad will happen next week? Seems like I am holding my breath waiting for...

Enough for tonight - want to do some more reading and then go to bed - most likely not to sleep though as lately having trouble in that area.

God Bless and Prep On


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay folks, while we still have the net, print out things you might need for the future such as: how to plant your heirloom seeds, how to dry the seeds, medicinal herbs, and how to go back to the old homesteading ways of the pioneers (how to make homemade soap is a good thing to know). Make a notebook and organize all of your personal library.

Some things that will be essential in the future are ways to stay warm, a way to cook, a way to do laundry, a way to store water, plenty of containers to store the water in and tubs to do dishes and laundry in. A camp stove will be great, but you will need the fuel to run it and don't think that will last you forever so check out ways to use the sun to cook or ways to cook with a coffee can and a candle(remember from girl or boy scouts?). Use your grill, but will need lots of propane or charcoal. Me, I will use the woodburning stove - thanks. Purchase heavy duty cookware - like iron skillets and griddles. Get a dutch oven and learn how to use it and print receipes out. Buy lots of blankets to have handy for cold weather or to insulate with - lots on sale at this time of year - found some at the grocery last week we got 2 fleece blankets for $8.99. Not tooo bad. Check Goodwill for blankets too - you can wash them so don't freak out. Look there too for sweatshirts and fleece pullovers - may come in handy.

Save the lint from your dryer - put it in ziplock baggies and store it to help start fires. You can also use cottonballs with a liberal amount of vaseline to start fires, so head to the dollar store and stock up on cottonballs(not the synthetic ones) and vaseline.

Get some board games and decks of cards and Uno - need something to do in those long evenings and the kids are restless. Buy some crayons and word find books too. Drawing paper - we use computer paper because it is cheap and no lines for the artwork. Stock up on books - go to used bookstore and put them in your stash. Don't forget the bible - bible study in evenings will be good for the soul and for the fellowship.

If you can't buy a Berkey water filter, or some other filter, then learn to make your own filter. You can use 5 gallon buckets and put sand then rocks in it with a spickgot at the bottom and filter water that way if nothing else. Get lots of bleach to put in your water(8 to 10 drops per gallon). Not the best, but better than nothing. We have some painters straining cloth to put in the bucket with the rocks and the sand. We plan on using this to filter our water for bathing and dish washing, but use the Berkey for drinking and cooking.

Get plenty of ammo too. You may not need all of it, but it may be a good bartering item in the future. Grab some small bottles of alcohol (the drinking kind) to use for bartering as well. You can also buy some extra seeds or save some of your own to barter with.

Now, lets talk about the charity stash. We have a separate stash to be used for those that show up that are hungry. As a christian and a caring human (yes, we still exist), we want to be able to help and those folks will be sent away with some food and told basically not to come back, but we have done our part - if they haven't taken the time to learn and prepare, then they are responsible for their own mistakes. God helps those that help themselves. Those people that I have repeatedly warned will be treated the same as stangers in this respect because I have given them planty of time to prepare and I refuse to take responsibility for their stupidity, but I will not send them away hungry, nor will I feed them for months on end. Take heed - we have our own family to care for.

You also might considering buying some large stock pots to heat water with. I don't know about all of you out there, but I will want to take a bath from time to time and I prefer hot water! We got our stock pots at the dreaded Walmart for $22.97. Need to have some strainers too so that you can wash the seeds from your garden for saving. Might be a good idea to buy some extra coffee filters to so that you can steep herbs etc. A sewing kit will also come in mighty handy - so get one.

A wind-up shortwave radio is next on our list to purchase - will be nice when there is no tv or regular radio to get some news. Rechargeable batteries for cd players and flashights - can charge these with small solar panels. Try to find some of those outside decorative solar lights people use along walkways and such - will be a good light to have inside in those dark nights. You can usually get those fairly cheaply at Lowes or Walmart.

Binoculars are also another good item to have, so buy a couple of pairs of them. Some walkie-talkies will also help you talk to those in your group who may be pulling guard duty or be out tending to the garden or whatever. Communications will prove invaluable when TSHTF - so will being able to see who is approaching your home. Another good item to have if you have the time and the money would be a pressure sensitive driveway alarm - can order on net or check Radioshack. We have one that used to be a hose contraption for a filling station back in the good old days when they filled your tank for you and it is hooked up to a large, obnoxious bell in our livingroom. The only draw back with this one is that if water gets in the hose, the bell won't ring so we will be addressing that situation soon. Believe me it is LOUD and will wake the dead - not that the dogs don't do that too. Speaking of which, bigs dogs look intimidating and may cause some folks hesitation which could buy you time and they certainly alert us to anyone on foot on the road or coming up the driveway. Little dogs are in the house and they have, like, radar ears and hear everything. Now, if you have dogs, or any kind of livestock, you need to prepare for them too by buying food for them now - stock up even if its the cheap stuff(just NOT Old Roy - really bad).

Okay, enough for tonight, I am getting kinda tired and a little slap-happy so I will shut up for now - I hope.

God Bless and Prep On


Ready Or Not

Here it comes and I wish they - those powers that think they be - would just get this show on the road already. I am tired of waiting with my breath held in anticipation and trepidation. It is all starting to wear on me and make me become more and more aware of just how stupid and trivial this life living within the beast system really is. I mean, does it really matter what kind of car you drive or what brand of purse you carry? Does carrying a designer purse make you special and better than those that don't have a special purse? Nope. Now, don't get me wrong, I do carry a Coach purse and I have had it for a while now and I do like, but I would not go buy one now because my whole mentality has changed - if it ain't beans-bandaids-bullets, then I don't need it. I will not buy anything now that doesn't have to do with prepping.

All the news I have skimmed so far tonight is the same ole bs and rhetoric they are so very good at. Now, one article I just read the headlines on was that poor little Isreal was upset, they are "hurt" by the anti-semite attitude because of their war with Gaza. Oh, the poor little zionists! My heart truly bleeds - and that bridge I have is still for sale for a really low price, but you must live in another country to buy it. Hurt, give me an ever-lovin break.

Then you have Hilary not wanting to have any talks with Hamas, hmmm. Well, wouldn't do an good since the Mossad started hamas anyway - all a game. Play it up for the sheeple - the show will go on!

Bernake wants the "other" $350 billion now to help his crony bankster buddies all huddled for the next handout, as if $9 trillion isn't enough. Where's some help for us here? We could have that really sweet solar generator with a little bailout money!

Well, the elite have been practicing their drills today too, guess they need to be really ready for the next phase in their plan.

I will just continue to do preps and wait for the next shoe to drop.

God Bless and Prep On


What Are You Gonna Do?

Do you have a family? Do you have a gun? Have you purchased ammo? Now, I don't care if you are a man or a woman, if you have a family then you are responsible for their protection. And, if you are a woman, I am sick and tired of hearing "oh, I won't have a gun in the house with my kids!" Grow up, suck it in and get over it. I am a woman and I am very well armed and I know my weapons well and my children know and respect weapons too. They have been exposed to guns their whole lives so there is no curiosity about them and they do not get the guns out and play. If they want to shoot their weapons(yes, they have their own weapons and they know them well), then they just ask to go shoot. It is something we do as a family - we go shoot targets. Now, if you are a woman and you feel like guns are evil and bad and nasty and just yucky, you have been brainwashed by your corporate government because they do not want you to have guns - guns in the peoples hands - OMG. What better way than to demonize guns then to make them bad and evil and killers - well yes, guns do kill by the hand that pulls the trigger and that can be for bad or for good, but it is not the guns fault either way. I believe that is why more americans don't have guns because of that very fact that the little mommas are scared of them. Learn to use them and care for them properly and they just may protect you, they just may save your life and may keep you from going to a FEMA camp. Without protection you may not survive what is about to happen in this country.

WE americans were given the right to keep and bear arms in the second amendment - don't throw it away, fight for it, stand up for something for once in your lives and quit being a wuss. And guys, if you are scared of guns, then you are not a man in my book - the man is supposed to protect his wife and his family at all costs. The time to man-up is here so don't blow it. Get some testosterone flowing again already. Your time is running out, Obama will make taking your guns a priority, and/or severly limit your access to purchase them and this will accomplished through an executive order - maybe as soon as next week. Do you think the record gun sales are kooks just fantasizing about the coming fight? Nope, Obama's voting record and who he appointed to his cabinets pretty much says it all. Rahm the Cruel is a gun grabber too - google it for yourself.


If you have purchased weapons at any time in the past, then you are already on a government list so don't try to capitulate and think they will just take your weapons and go on their merry way - they won't. Stand up and resist.

Ok, end of that rant.

I haven't been able to read the news today yet and just getting settled in and had to listen to Steve Quayle (The Q-Files) and Greg Evensen. Now I need to check in with the hubster who is back at Ft. Knox after his 3 week leave for the holidays. Will blog a little later after I see what truly wonderful news their is today and what other bull shit stories the NWO has laid out for today.

God Bless and Prep On

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ratcheting Up!

Well, get ready folks for the next installment of the Flight Into the VGD aka Very Great Depression. Obama and his minions and puppet pullers will be in rare form next week as Lurch, oh, I mean Paulson and of course Bernake say they need the next batch of looted tax-payer money - the "other" $350 million (hehehe wish that was all it was) bucks so that all those homeowners out there can get some help. Uh huh, right, like that will happen - like what about those folks that have lost their jobs etc?? How can they pay their mortgage or even their rent - maybe see if that dude in India that took the job from the American will loan them the money since they have a pay check coming in. Do the American people really think they will see ANY of this bailout money?

In an article titled “Obama: Americans Will Accept Bankster Engineered Depression” posted on Infowars January 10, 2009, by Kurt Nimmo, in less than 2 weeks Obama will take office and has warned “that things will get worse before they get better.”He said the most serious crisis since the Great Depression gripping the United States will probably get worse before the economy starts to improve,” according the Agence French-Presse. But he expressed confidence "Americans will overcome the current difficulties.” But then I read in the Washington Post today "Both Bush and Obama officials say gaining access to the balance of the rescue funds is crucial to turning the economy around. Without the money, it would be nearly impossible to offer significant help for homeowners facing foreclosure, stabilize the financial system or jump-start the credit markets so more consumers and companies can get loans. The latest sign of the economy's deep malaise was new jobless figures released yesterday showing that unemployment has soared to 7.2 percent, the highest rate in 15 years. So, the show continues on and on and on, a show just for the sheeple to watch on CNN. The article discussed the fact that the congress (right) may not want to sign over the rest of the money unless they pass this new add-on to the bill that the FED must show where money going etc - put forth by noneother than Barney (pervert) Frank. Okay, lets ring around the rosey here too so the people don't get too upset with the congress either, make it look like they really care where the money goes or what it is used for. But, then Bush could veto congress or could wait for Obama to veto if congress doesn't pass it. Jeez, come on, give me a freakin' break.

Nine trillion bucks already STOLEN and just think, if they do monetize the T-bills you can add another oh eight and a half trillion to that - yeah rah yeah hyper-inflation here we come! And people think we are nuts for stocking up on food and supplies? Well, I think they are totally nuts for not prepping, like they need to be deprogrammed for sure. All I can say since most won't listen to me is have a nice vacation at the really cool FEMA camp - you know, the one in Beechgrove, it looks like a good place for rest and relaxation and maybe a little weight loss. Or, let's see, you could go to work for Obama and be a really cool Obamanaut and narc on your family or your neighbors cause they, OMGosh have FOOD!

Are you counting down the days until Obama tries to take our guns? 8 days and then we will start down the hill. Personally, I would like to get off this roller coaster now, but not gonna happen is it? We are all in this together - so pull it together, get over the pain and get on with it.

The depression is here so all I can say is prep quickly and buy lots of ammo! Lock and load! 2009 is gonna be rocky to say the least.

God Bless and Prep On


Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Mad as Hell"

This video clip is from the movie "Network" from the 1970's and the shoe fits!

God Bless and Prep On


Find the Truth - It Will Set You Free

These are just a few links to get you started on your search for the truth. Happy hunting!

The above link is a must watch documentary by Alex Jones and will greatly help you to understand what is going on now.

God Bless and Prep On


Hitler - Time Magazines Man of the Year 1938

Kucinich - Federal Reserve No More Federal than Federal Express


For those of you that don't know what the title means, it stands for The End Of The World As We Know It - TEOTWAWKI! Nope, the world is not ending, just changing. These changes are not for the best, but there will be change as Obama promises - just sorry to say it will not be what you all hope. Welcome to the wonderful world of surviving and prepping! It is a life style and it is one's insurance against the NWO (okay - the New World Order) and what is coming at us like a freight train going free fall down hill. It took the government a year to say that we were in a recession, and now that we have started a depression, how long before they let you know that? Jobs gone, credit gone and hyperinflation(google that) on the way. But, this is all planned and their is no stopping it now! Change is in the air.

First of all, one needs to understand that there is an elite group that run the world, not just the United States or the UK, but indeed the world. They are the bankers that control the World Banks and by that virtue - YOU. We are slaves and it is about to get so much worse unless you decide to no longer by a slave or a sheeple and protect yourself. If you have a family - you are responsible for them, so quit watching the stupid TV and getting even dumber - WAKE-UP and do some reading, yes reading, and research and learn for yourself what in the hell is going on. Banker bailouts have you stumped? Well, the elite actually just stole about 8 trillion bucks (look at Bloomberg) from us and are coming back for more. This is not conspiracy theory - it is fact. Just google new world order and see what you get on your own. Google fema camps and have a great time learning what they have planned for you. Police state anyone? How about a civilian security force - the new jobs Obama talks about - can you say Nazi? How about Obama and facist? We have become a fascist dictatorship under the evil Obama (who is not even a citizen of the US), but you all think he will save you - he will not. The banksters just took over the country under everyones noses and they are in control - your congress has no control and cannot even see where the money went. Google federal reserve and learn that it is not "federal" but rather, hmmm, a privately owned bank. The depression is HERE, we are at the top of the hill and starting to go down so far that you can't even see the bottom. Google the great depression in the 3o's and this is gonna be so much worse. Even better, google Weimar republic and see that a loaf of bread cost a wheel barrow full of money in Germany then. This will be so much fun! Best be prepping and learning all you can now while the net is still up - cause they are gonna take it down! Print what you will need now. You can survive, but you best wake up, learn and be ready.

Do you still have rights in this country? Nope. And, now your 2nd amendment is about to flushed down the crapper. Do you even know what your 2nd amendment means?? That is YOUR right to keep and bear arms. That didn't mean much to me several years ago, but now it sure as crap does now. That right is to protect us from them - yes, the government. We are to be the militia and stop tryanny in its tracks, but are we - NOOOO! Will you let them take your guns? Will you give them your guns if you are hungry because you didn't stock up of food? Big, big mistake. You will be totally at their mercy then. Do you think the jews in Germany thought Hitler was bad at first? Hitler was Time magazines man of the year too. Do you think they would have put up a fight if they had an inkling of what was to come? Do you think you should put yourself and your family at the mercy of FEMA? You think I am crazy - check Obamas voting record for yourself and then check the new gun bill he will pass upon entering the White House. Oh, and must not forget his dispicable bill on abortions - murder!

All I can say is LOCK AND LOAD - because our guns stay with us no matter what!

God Bless and Prep On


No Excuses - Just Do It

Are you scared of what you are feeling in the air? You know something is wayyy wrong and you know that you need to do something - you just don't know where to start. Well, put your head down and lets get going!

Okay, you know the government is nuts and evil and they don't give a rats hind end about you, so you need to do for yourself. I started with just thinking "we need food" and "buy food" and it went on from there. Start small - go to a Dollar General or wherever and just pick up a couple bags of rice and beans and some cans of tuna. Look - you started your stash and wasn't that easy? Now, I did this about 2 times a week to start and slowly our stash grew to the point we felt like we were really doing something. Once you get over the hurdle of where to start, it all flows from there and then it becomes a way of life - prepping. Anytime you go to a store, spend a few extra bucks and pick up stuff for the stash - instead of buying groceries for, say, a couple of weeks at a time, buy extra and put back in a separate area. Buy things for the stash that you normally might eat like mac-n-cheese, ramen noodles etc. Lots of canned food and don't forget the fruits and veggies too. We did this for about 4 months and the stash grew a lot. We were on our way! Now, I feel like we have provided insurance and security for our family - I rest better at night!

Then my mind started going over different scenarios in my head (dangerous, I know) and I decided to change our direction a little to plan for different ways this crap may go down. I decided that we should fill our freezer - this would be food we would use up first. Then, keep adding to our stash of canned goods and also add in some easily portable foods in case we needed to bug out. We have MRE's and Mountain House foods(dehydrated meals) now too - just some insurance. Check out for long-term storable foods and the Berkey water system.

So, we have food to eat in our home with electricity (freezer) and without(canned and boxed) and food to go.

You will also need WATER! We have boiled water and stored it in plastic jugs with a small amount of bleach - to be used for washing and bathing. We also invested in a Berkey Water System - filters waters no matter how dirty it is ( we love this water!). The Berkey set us back about $210.00, but was well worth it as it is portable and easy to carry and requires no electricity (gravity fed).

Now, coming along in our prepping, we looked at it like we were buying all of the things we will need normally for the next few years. Buy toilet paper!! Seems like everyone forgets that one, but I personally like to use it. Save phone books - can be used to, uh, wipe when run out of t-paper. Stock up on deodorant, shampoo, soaps etc. Ladies - buy pads or tampons and lots of them!!

Heirloom seeds - you MUST have these - get seeds that are not GMO(genetically modified organisms) and are heirloom (can get seeds from them for the next years planting). Some seeds from Walmart are ok, but need heiloom for sustainability. I have gooten seeds from and from and have enough seeds to last us 8 years! Total cost was about $200.00. You will also need some gardening tools (and NO, I am not normally a gardener, but know I will have to be if we are to survive -eating and bartering). We have bought some claws and hoes etc. Will get more as time permits us.

Start somewhere and do what you can - don't eat out - use that money to buy preps, don't go to the movies - buy preps. Suffer a little now or a lot later! Anyone can do it and you need to be doing it now!


instant potatoes
instant milk
canned meats
canned fruits
canned veggies
veggie oil
brown sugar
spag sauce
dry noodles
hamburger helper and tuna helper
boxed meals
munchies (can't help that - have a sweet tooth)
ramen noodles

Well, that gives you an idea anyway - there is much more, but take it in small steps! I just want you to start somewhere and get going because I think the time is running on the short side.

Don't Forget:

emergency candles (Dollar Tree - 10 for a dollar)
wind-up flashlight/radio

If have some money (LOL), get a pressure cooker and learn to can - cheap way to put food back by canning left-overs and meat you find on sale. Check out and order their DVDs on canning - my husband has learned to can and now he is canning EVERYTHING! The pressure cooker cost us about $90.00 and we have spent about $120.00 on jars so far.

We also got us a dehydrator and are deydrating fruits and meats (if they would quit eating my jerky, there would be some in the stash). Also got a good deal on a foodsaver from survivalblog - saved us half (cost about $59.99)! We fight over who is going to suck the air out of the food stores now!! LOL!

There is so much to learn and to buy that I can't get it all on 1 post, so more as we go!

God Bless and Prep On


The Beginning

Greetings to all new preppers and old ones too! Decided to take the plunge and start a blog today, so be patient with me! I want to explain our life a little so you can get where we are coming from, what we are doing for preps and what our goals are.

Let me first tell you that I am a short, scrawny little thing(5 ft 1 and 90 lbs) - but I sure do pack a punch - I have been called a 44 magnum before! LOL! I will tell you the truth as I see it and won't pull any punches. I am a remnant(true) christian as well, so if you don't like that, then don't read my blogs. I do not belong or attend ANY organized church as most have been compromised and are about just feeling good - I call those folks "Sunday christians." They are super nice to you on Sundays, but come Monday they might stab you in the back!

My husband had been in the army in the 70's and was a sniper. He was in special ops and he told me that the government was BAD and that they ran and controlled all the drugs etc. That was my first step in "awakening" and it has been quite a journey since then - that was in 2000. Thought it was pretty interesting, but it did not effect me at the time, so I didn't pursue the matter further - I just believed him. But (there is always a "but" isn't there?), about 2 years later I was trying to find myself (you know the drill) and the real journey began.

I became "aware" of the world around me about 6 years ago by reading an on-line book by Jason Guenther called "Fallen Watchers." That book sure woke me up - check it out for yourself. The biggest events happened in my life as well - I found and accepted Jesus.

My husband joined the National Guard in May of 2001 and, oops, 911 happened. He always said we should be buying extra food and stocking up, but we never really did - although he would bring home MRE's (military meals - Meals Ready to Eat), but that is about how far we got in our early prepping.

The purpose of this blog is to tell you folks how I started prepping and what we, as a family, have learned along the way. I ended up not being on-line for several years, and when we got another computer and the net, low and behold, TEOTWAWKI was coming at us FAST! At the time, my husband was overseas, in Iraq with the National Guard - so I started prepping on my own (well, with the help of 2 of my kids). He knew about the NWO and all of that, but he could not get the news over there that we could here and he thought I was going a little crazy with him being in a war zone etc. He was medevaced home in August (yes, he is recovering) and he soon saw what I had been talking about and it wasn't long before he was on board and prepping as well. That seems like all we do is prep.

That is how this all started - the next blog will be about what we have been doing for the last 9 months and how we are preparing.

God Bless and Prep ON!