Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ratcheting Up!

Well, get ready folks for the next installment of the Flight Into the VGD aka Very Great Depression. Obama and his minions and puppet pullers will be in rare form next week as Lurch, oh, I mean Paulson and of course Bernake say they need the next batch of looted tax-payer money - the "other" $350 million (hehehe wish that was all it was) bucks so that all those homeowners out there can get some help. Uh huh, right, like that will happen - like what about those folks that have lost their jobs etc?? How can they pay their mortgage or even their rent - maybe see if that dude in India that took the job from the American will loan them the money since they have a pay check coming in. Do the American people really think they will see ANY of this bailout money?

In an article titled “Obama: Americans Will Accept Bankster Engineered Depression” posted on Infowars January 10, 2009, by Kurt Nimmo, in less than 2 weeks Obama will take office and has warned “that things will get worse before they get better.”He said the most serious crisis since the Great Depression gripping the United States will probably get worse before the economy starts to improve,” according the Agence French-Presse. But he expressed confidence "Americans will overcome the current difficulties.” But then I read in the Washington Post today "Both Bush and Obama officials say gaining access to the balance of the rescue funds is crucial to turning the economy around. Without the money, it would be nearly impossible to offer significant help for homeowners facing foreclosure, stabilize the financial system or jump-start the credit markets so more consumers and companies can get loans. The latest sign of the economy's deep malaise was new jobless figures released yesterday showing that unemployment has soared to 7.2 percent, the highest rate in 15 years. So, the show continues on and on and on, a show just for the sheeple to watch on CNN. The article discussed the fact that the congress (right) may not want to sign over the rest of the money unless they pass this new add-on to the bill that the FED must show where money going etc - put forth by noneother than Barney (pervert) Frank. Okay, lets ring around the rosey here too so the people don't get too upset with the congress either, make it look like they really care where the money goes or what it is used for. But, then Bush could veto congress or could wait for Obama to veto if congress doesn't pass it. Jeez, come on, give me a freakin' break.

Nine trillion bucks already STOLEN and just think, if they do monetize the T-bills you can add another oh eight and a half trillion to that - yeah rah yeah hyper-inflation here we come! And people think we are nuts for stocking up on food and supplies? Well, I think they are totally nuts for not prepping, like they need to be deprogrammed for sure. All I can say since most won't listen to me is have a nice vacation at the really cool FEMA camp - you know, the one in Beechgrove, it looks like a good place for rest and relaxation and maybe a little weight loss. Or, let's see, you could go to work for Obama and be a really cool Obamanaut and narc on your family or your neighbors cause they, OMGosh have FOOD!

Are you counting down the days until Obama tries to take our guns? 8 days and then we will start down the hill. Personally, I would like to get off this roller coaster now, but not gonna happen is it? We are all in this together - so pull it together, get over the pain and get on with it.

The depression is here so all I can say is prep quickly and buy lots of ammo! Lock and load! 2009 is gonna be rocky to say the least.

God Bless and Prep On


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