Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ernie Report 1-24-10

Stock Market Set to Crash - well no kidding right??

The Day the Dollar Died - this is a fictional account of what it could be like when the devaluation of the dollar occurs. Start at the beginning as this has been an on-going story. It is very good and John Galt is pretty spot on.

It would seem that AM radio stations are a tad upset as they have booted off-line by ??? and then we have the earthquake in Haiti. So, is this part of equation - that TPTB have been using Scalar weapons to in fact cause earthquakes??? Haiti should be an eye-opener for us - in less than a week people are looting and killing each other with machetes. They have even used dead bodies as road blocks. This, friends is how quickly things can go NUTS.

This is why I prep.

Everything is out of control anymore from the weather and earthquakes to the economy - now rumor is that charges may be brought against Geithner for allegedly telling AIG to fudge on the applications to receive bailout money which is another big scam for banksters to become rich.

Dangerous Crossroads - we are moving troops to the Russian border? Sounds like could be problem.

1/4 of Grain fed to cars - not people. Now, we seem to have a very real and very looming food shortage/crisis coming upon us and we have to use our food for fuel?? Sounds stupid to me as there really is enough oil to keep us going for hundreds of years - oil in our own country that TPTB won't allow to be drilled. Check into Peak Oil BS and see for yourself.

Are we in Haiti for oil?? or is Haiti to become another staging ground for an attack on Iran - seems like the middle east is sure heating up.

Everything going on right now is meant to stir the masses - in other words to make Americans mad - mad enough to fight back. TPTB want the chaos - they want us to kill each other off as we are considered nothing more than cannon fodder. but, if we can kill each other off and they don't have to spend money doing it that is the goal. They are steeping on rights by the minute and Americans are stupid enough to let them - the founding fathers did not give anyone those rights - they just wrote them down. Our Creator gave us those rights and you were born with them and no one can take them away. Remember that.


Ernie is Back

I will be blogging on this blog again as those in Indiana as not worth a shit and do not care about prepping or meeting others. I will try to give you the news daily as I can and continue on from where I left off.