Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Mad as Hell"

This video clip is from the movie "Network" from the 1970's and the shoe fits!

God Bless and Prep On


Find the Truth - It Will Set You Free

These are just a few links to get you started on your search for the truth. Happy hunting!

The above link is a must watch documentary by Alex Jones and will greatly help you to understand what is going on now.

God Bless and Prep On


Hitler - Time Magazines Man of the Year 1938

Kucinich - Federal Reserve No More Federal than Federal Express


For those of you that don't know what the title means, it stands for The End Of The World As We Know It - TEOTWAWKI! Nope, the world is not ending, just changing. These changes are not for the best, but there will be change as Obama promises - just sorry to say it will not be what you all hope. Welcome to the wonderful world of surviving and prepping! It is a life style and it is one's insurance against the NWO (okay - the New World Order) and what is coming at us like a freight train going free fall down hill. It took the government a year to say that we were in a recession, and now that we have started a depression, how long before they let you know that? Jobs gone, credit gone and hyperinflation(google that) on the way. But, this is all planned and their is no stopping it now! Change is in the air.

First of all, one needs to understand that there is an elite group that run the world, not just the United States or the UK, but indeed the world. They are the bankers that control the World Banks and by that virtue - YOU. We are slaves and it is about to get so much worse unless you decide to no longer by a slave or a sheeple and protect yourself. If you have a family - you are responsible for them, so quit watching the stupid TV and getting even dumber - WAKE-UP and do some reading, yes reading, and research and learn for yourself what in the hell is going on. Banker bailouts have you stumped? Well, the elite actually just stole about 8 trillion bucks (look at Bloomberg) from us and are coming back for more. This is not conspiracy theory - it is fact. Just google new world order and see what you get on your own. Google fema camps and have a great time learning what they have planned for you. Police state anyone? How about a civilian security force - the new jobs Obama talks about - can you say Nazi? How about Obama and facist? We have become a fascist dictatorship under the evil Obama (who is not even a citizen of the US), but you all think he will save you - he will not. The banksters just took over the country under everyones noses and they are in control - your congress has no control and cannot even see where the money went. Google federal reserve and learn that it is not "federal" but rather, hmmm, a privately owned bank. The depression is HERE, we are at the top of the hill and starting to go down so far that you can't even see the bottom. Google the great depression in the 3o's and this is gonna be so much worse. Even better, google Weimar republic and see that a loaf of bread cost a wheel barrow full of money in Germany then. This will be so much fun! Best be prepping and learning all you can now while the net is still up - cause they are gonna take it down! Print what you will need now. You can survive, but you best wake up, learn and be ready.

Do you still have rights in this country? Nope. And, now your 2nd amendment is about to flushed down the crapper. Do you even know what your 2nd amendment means?? That is YOUR right to keep and bear arms. That didn't mean much to me several years ago, but now it sure as crap does now. That right is to protect us from them - yes, the government. We are to be the militia and stop tryanny in its tracks, but are we - NOOOO! Will you let them take your guns? Will you give them your guns if you are hungry because you didn't stock up of food? Big, big mistake. You will be totally at their mercy then. Do you think the jews in Germany thought Hitler was bad at first? Hitler was Time magazines man of the year too. Do you think they would have put up a fight if they had an inkling of what was to come? Do you think you should put yourself and your family at the mercy of FEMA? You think I am crazy - check Obamas voting record for yourself and then check the new gun bill he will pass upon entering the White House. Oh, and must not forget his dispicable bill on abortions - murder!

All I can say is LOCK AND LOAD - because our guns stay with us no matter what!

God Bless and Prep On


No Excuses - Just Do It

Are you scared of what you are feeling in the air? You know something is wayyy wrong and you know that you need to do something - you just don't know where to start. Well, put your head down and lets get going!

Okay, you know the government is nuts and evil and they don't give a rats hind end about you, so you need to do for yourself. I started with just thinking "we need food" and "buy food" and it went on from there. Start small - go to a Dollar General or wherever and just pick up a couple bags of rice and beans and some cans of tuna. Look - you started your stash and wasn't that easy? Now, I did this about 2 times a week to start and slowly our stash grew to the point we felt like we were really doing something. Once you get over the hurdle of where to start, it all flows from there and then it becomes a way of life - prepping. Anytime you go to a store, spend a few extra bucks and pick up stuff for the stash - instead of buying groceries for, say, a couple of weeks at a time, buy extra and put back in a separate area. Buy things for the stash that you normally might eat like mac-n-cheese, ramen noodles etc. Lots of canned food and don't forget the fruits and veggies too. We did this for about 4 months and the stash grew a lot. We were on our way! Now, I feel like we have provided insurance and security for our family - I rest better at night!

Then my mind started going over different scenarios in my head (dangerous, I know) and I decided to change our direction a little to plan for different ways this crap may go down. I decided that we should fill our freezer - this would be food we would use up first. Then, keep adding to our stash of canned goods and also add in some easily portable foods in case we needed to bug out. We have MRE's and Mountain House foods(dehydrated meals) now too - just some insurance. Check out for long-term storable foods and the Berkey water system.

So, we have food to eat in our home with electricity (freezer) and without(canned and boxed) and food to go.

You will also need WATER! We have boiled water and stored it in plastic jugs with a small amount of bleach - to be used for washing and bathing. We also invested in a Berkey Water System - filters waters no matter how dirty it is ( we love this water!). The Berkey set us back about $210.00, but was well worth it as it is portable and easy to carry and requires no electricity (gravity fed).

Now, coming along in our prepping, we looked at it like we were buying all of the things we will need normally for the next few years. Buy toilet paper!! Seems like everyone forgets that one, but I personally like to use it. Save phone books - can be used to, uh, wipe when run out of t-paper. Stock up on deodorant, shampoo, soaps etc. Ladies - buy pads or tampons and lots of them!!

Heirloom seeds - you MUST have these - get seeds that are not GMO(genetically modified organisms) and are heirloom (can get seeds from them for the next years planting). Some seeds from Walmart are ok, but need heiloom for sustainability. I have gooten seeds from and from and have enough seeds to last us 8 years! Total cost was about $200.00. You will also need some gardening tools (and NO, I am not normally a gardener, but know I will have to be if we are to survive -eating and bartering). We have bought some claws and hoes etc. Will get more as time permits us.

Start somewhere and do what you can - don't eat out - use that money to buy preps, don't go to the movies - buy preps. Suffer a little now or a lot later! Anyone can do it and you need to be doing it now!


instant potatoes
instant milk
canned meats
canned fruits
canned veggies
veggie oil
brown sugar
spag sauce
dry noodles
hamburger helper and tuna helper
boxed meals
munchies (can't help that - have a sweet tooth)
ramen noodles

Well, that gives you an idea anyway - there is much more, but take it in small steps! I just want you to start somewhere and get going because I think the time is running on the short side.

Don't Forget:

emergency candles (Dollar Tree - 10 for a dollar)
wind-up flashlight/radio

If have some money (LOL), get a pressure cooker and learn to can - cheap way to put food back by canning left-overs and meat you find on sale. Check out and order their DVDs on canning - my husband has learned to can and now he is canning EVERYTHING! The pressure cooker cost us about $90.00 and we have spent about $120.00 on jars so far.

We also got us a dehydrator and are deydrating fruits and meats (if they would quit eating my jerky, there would be some in the stash). Also got a good deal on a foodsaver from survivalblog - saved us half (cost about $59.99)! We fight over who is going to suck the air out of the food stores now!! LOL!

There is so much to learn and to buy that I can't get it all on 1 post, so more as we go!

God Bless and Prep On


The Beginning

Greetings to all new preppers and old ones too! Decided to take the plunge and start a blog today, so be patient with me! I want to explain our life a little so you can get where we are coming from, what we are doing for preps and what our goals are.

Let me first tell you that I am a short, scrawny little thing(5 ft 1 and 90 lbs) - but I sure do pack a punch - I have been called a 44 magnum before! LOL! I will tell you the truth as I see it and won't pull any punches. I am a remnant(true) christian as well, so if you don't like that, then don't read my blogs. I do not belong or attend ANY organized church as most have been compromised and are about just feeling good - I call those folks "Sunday christians." They are super nice to you on Sundays, but come Monday they might stab you in the back!

My husband had been in the army in the 70's and was a sniper. He was in special ops and he told me that the government was BAD and that they ran and controlled all the drugs etc. That was my first step in "awakening" and it has been quite a journey since then - that was in 2000. Thought it was pretty interesting, but it did not effect me at the time, so I didn't pursue the matter further - I just believed him. But (there is always a "but" isn't there?), about 2 years later I was trying to find myself (you know the drill) and the real journey began.

I became "aware" of the world around me about 6 years ago by reading an on-line book by Jason Guenther called "Fallen Watchers." That book sure woke me up - check it out for yourself. The biggest events happened in my life as well - I found and accepted Jesus.

My husband joined the National Guard in May of 2001 and, oops, 911 happened. He always said we should be buying extra food and stocking up, but we never really did - although he would bring home MRE's (military meals - Meals Ready to Eat), but that is about how far we got in our early prepping.

The purpose of this blog is to tell you folks how I started prepping and what we, as a family, have learned along the way. I ended up not being on-line for several years, and when we got another computer and the net, low and behold, TEOTWAWKI was coming at us FAST! At the time, my husband was overseas, in Iraq with the National Guard - so I started prepping on my own (well, with the help of 2 of my kids). He knew about the NWO and all of that, but he could not get the news over there that we could here and he thought I was going a little crazy with him being in a war zone etc. He was medevaced home in August (yes, he is recovering) and he soon saw what I had been talking about and it wasn't long before he was on board and prepping as well. That seems like all we do is prep.

That is how this all started - the next blog will be about what we have been doing for the last 9 months and how we are preparing.

God Bless and Prep ON!