Saturday, January 10, 2009


For those of you that don't know what the title means, it stands for The End Of The World As We Know It - TEOTWAWKI! Nope, the world is not ending, just changing. These changes are not for the best, but there will be change as Obama promises - just sorry to say it will not be what you all hope. Welcome to the wonderful world of surviving and prepping! It is a life style and it is one's insurance against the NWO (okay - the New World Order) and what is coming at us like a freight train going free fall down hill. It took the government a year to say that we were in a recession, and now that we have started a depression, how long before they let you know that? Jobs gone, credit gone and hyperinflation(google that) on the way. But, this is all planned and their is no stopping it now! Change is in the air.

First of all, one needs to understand that there is an elite group that run the world, not just the United States or the UK, but indeed the world. They are the bankers that control the World Banks and by that virtue - YOU. We are slaves and it is about to get so much worse unless you decide to no longer by a slave or a sheeple and protect yourself. If you have a family - you are responsible for them, so quit watching the stupid TV and getting even dumber - WAKE-UP and do some reading, yes reading, and research and learn for yourself what in the hell is going on. Banker bailouts have you stumped? Well, the elite actually just stole about 8 trillion bucks (look at Bloomberg) from us and are coming back for more. This is not conspiracy theory - it is fact. Just google new world order and see what you get on your own. Google fema camps and have a great time learning what they have planned for you. Police state anyone? How about a civilian security force - the new jobs Obama talks about - can you say Nazi? How about Obama and facist? We have become a fascist dictatorship under the evil Obama (who is not even a citizen of the US), but you all think he will save you - he will not. The banksters just took over the country under everyones noses and they are in control - your congress has no control and cannot even see where the money went. Google federal reserve and learn that it is not "federal" but rather, hmmm, a privately owned bank. The depression is HERE, we are at the top of the hill and starting to go down so far that you can't even see the bottom. Google the great depression in the 3o's and this is gonna be so much worse. Even better, google Weimar republic and see that a loaf of bread cost a wheel barrow full of money in Germany then. This will be so much fun! Best be prepping and learning all you can now while the net is still up - cause they are gonna take it down! Print what you will need now. You can survive, but you best wake up, learn and be ready.

Do you still have rights in this country? Nope. And, now your 2nd amendment is about to flushed down the crapper. Do you even know what your 2nd amendment means?? That is YOUR right to keep and bear arms. That didn't mean much to me several years ago, but now it sure as crap does now. That right is to protect us from them - yes, the government. We are to be the militia and stop tryanny in its tracks, but are we - NOOOO! Will you let them take your guns? Will you give them your guns if you are hungry because you didn't stock up of food? Big, big mistake. You will be totally at their mercy then. Do you think the jews in Germany thought Hitler was bad at first? Hitler was Time magazines man of the year too. Do you think they would have put up a fight if they had an inkling of what was to come? Do you think you should put yourself and your family at the mercy of FEMA? You think I am crazy - check Obamas voting record for yourself and then check the new gun bill he will pass upon entering the White House. Oh, and must not forget his dispicable bill on abortions - murder!

All I can say is LOCK AND LOAD - because our guns stay with us no matter what!

God Bless and Prep On


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