Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pledging To Be An Obamatron

This video just makes me ill! All of these celebrities pledging to be a servant to Obama and to go "green" and pretty much do whatever Obama says. Really gonna push the green crapola - bring on the carbon taxes - yeah rah. Love the idea of being taxed EVEN MORE, love the thought of having to pay a global carbon tax to the central banks - as if we don't pay enough taxes and now they want to tax our carbon emissions - hello - anyone in the Obama camp know anything about how the world works - WE NEED CARBON to survive. These celebs make me sick, no wonder I no longer watch TV. Brain-dead freaks. I will not now, nor ever pay a carbon tax. Watch it for yourself - but use caution and may want to take some dramamine first.

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God Bless and Prep On

Well, What's Next?

That is the most likely question that is running through all of our heads, wondering what the new fuher and the NWO elite have in store for us. Listened to Ron Paul on Alex Jones (via my cell phone) during my lunch hour today and I was surprised to the extent that he mirrored many our our fears and thoughts without going way out on a limb. He basically intimated that we all need to be prepared - hence the American Preppers Network is actively spreading the words that need to be heard around this country. I am personally grateful to Tom, the man that started this network and has brought so many of us together in our mutual struggle to warn others and to form a united front for preppers and what WE stand for.

Dr. Paul basically said that the dollar will implode if they (The Federal Reserve) keeps on printing fiat money at this rate. There seems to be no end in sight at this point in time and nothing Obama does or tries to do will save the american economy. We all need to wake up and realize that the easy ride is over. We need to be on high alert from now on in. Everyone needs to understand that the plans Obama has publicly spelled out for us "sound" good on the outside, at least until one realizes that these exact plans were put into play in Nazi Germany. The Obama Youth Core sounds strangely like the Nazi Youth. USAservie.org, the website, calls for service to the community, volunteers. Community service - isn't that something one does when one gets into trouble and the court appoints that? Oh boy, we are in major trouble here people - even Dr. Paul shares these fears. He believes we are becoming more and more communist, and he is correct, as Obama is a known socialist - read his own book "Dreams of My Father." The last thing that a communist, socialist or marxist government wants is for its citizenry to be armed, so expect major, all-emcompassing guns laws to be enacted quite soon. If the people have their 2nd amendment rights intact, then the government knows that they may "act out" against the tryanny they are imposing on the people, and the people are not as easily controlled that way. This is exactly why these rights were put in our constitution and they run along with the right to free speech.

With the fed. printing money like crazy, this all but ensures hyperinflation(the value of the dollar goes down and will not buy as much ( example - a gallon of milk may cost you $15.00 in 6 months, up from $4.00 now) for us in the future. This will most likely be in combination with stagflation - which the economy is stagnant - not moving (no buying and no selling) and unemployment rampant. Never before has this scenario, in the epic proportions happened. I cannot even begin to explain how dire this is for all of us. If you are not actively preparing now, you had better start. You will need to plan on food for at least 3 years (storable food) and you will need heirloom seeds (these will regenerate and are not genetically modified). These seeds will save your life and that of your family. You can get a great deal from survivalistseeds, from Big John Lipscomb. You will need to learn how to survive by going back to the land, back to a simpler more gratifying life of our forefathers. You will need to learn how to protect your family and your property. There will be very real threats out there when the tv's are off, no power and no food. What will the people do when they go to the grocery and the shelves are EMPTY? What will they do when they look into their wife's eyes, she is hungry, and he did not store any food? How will they feel when their children are hungry, their bellies are empty and hurting? They will do anything to get food, that's what. And, you may the next target. Listen up now, get going, get doing or you will be that unfortunate husband/father with no food and no way to protect his family. I cannot tell you how serious this is, I cannot yell that loud, I cannot drag you to the store, it is up to you as a human being.

We are going down the rabbit hole - how far does it go? If you do not want to be a victim or want to depend on nannygov to help you - then START NOW - take the red pill and join us in prepping for life. Prepping is about saving lives folks! Join together, unite and live. The choice is yours.

God Bless and Prep On


BOB - Bug Out Bag. Simple. To the point. What is it? Simple survival gear needed for a short duration. Made one for the hubster (and he didn't laugh either - lol). What did I put in it? Hmmm... simple things that might save his life in the event TSHTF. I especially worry with him 4 hours away during the week at Ft. Knox. I have this irrational fear that all heck will break loose and he is down there and for whatever reason he cannot get home within a short period of time ( I envision not being able to drive the truck as usual, has to walk to avoid check points and other crazy thoughts like EMP's) - name it and I thought it! So, I made BOB for him because I love him and want him home alive to go through all this with us.

Okay, sorry I digressed - back to what I put in it:

* Socks - need dry socks.
* Stocking cap - shaved heads get mighty cold out there.
* Bandana - never know.
* Solar blanket.
* Fleece blanket.
* Emergency candles.
* Lighters and matches.
* Plastic bottle - for water (did not want to send bottled water to break in the truck or freeze).
* Coffee filters - to filter water (better than nothing)
* Bleach.
* First aid kit - gauze squares, bandaging rolls, triple antibiotic ointment, scissors, tweezers, alcohol swabs, ace bandage, hand sanitizer and tape.
* MRE's - meals-ready-to-eat.
* granola bars - good energy and easy to eat.
* Toilet paper - yeah, well...
* Cotton balls with vaseline on them - to start fires.
* Ammo - for the bad boy.

Will probably add to it as I think of things, but I threw this together in a hurry and at least he will not be stuck with nothing in a worse-case-scenario. Want my man home and I will do what I can to give him the advantage to get back home to us. I will be making one for my van as well. The one that I made the hubster did not weigh much and would be easy to carry, even for little ole me! I will keep you posted as I think of things!

God Bless and Prep On