Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tuesday Is In The Air

Hmmm... the coming week should be mighty interesting with the Obama inauguration on Tuesday and waiting to see what will happen next in the greatest play ever. I have to think to what Powell and Biden said about the new president being"tested" within the first few days of his presidency. Nothing like waiting with baited breath to see the next installment. I can hardly fathom how much money they are spending on the inauguration of Obama and this country is broke??? That money could go toward the Bailout Bill and let us taxpayers off the hook for at least a small fraction of the money we now owe to the banksters. Last time I heard a total, the train ride was $100 million and the total $ for the whole show was to the tune of $150 million!!! And, to make it even sweeter, we are having to borrow the money to put this great and wonderful show on for the whole world to see and for the Obamatrons to writhe in adoration of their King. Oh, wait, I know, just print some more and add it to our tab. Idiots. I thought we were in a depression. Could buy us a lot of preps if we got a share of that money since we are not going to the show - why can't we have some of that money that we have to pay back? Where is ours?

Hard to believe how bad the economy is when in our town, and even while down here in Kentucky for a retreat, the people go about like not a dern thing is wrong and they keep buying really stupid stuff. Just don't get it. Wake the heck up people, buy food. Now, for those that have lost their jobs, they know, but for the rest, they are just ignorant. Just wait. Oh yeah, I know, change is about to happen, right? The new messiah will fix everything and I just weep with joy at the prospect of everything being okay again - the people really believe this and they really cry because he is their savior! Oh it makes me want to vomit and then vomit some more. I can hardly even look at the man - the evil emanates from him - can anyone else feel it? The change that is about to happen is not good, I promise, and soon it will begin when Obama hits the desk running with all of his Executive Orders already to go - just need to be officially signed. Who will be the first people to have their guns taken? Not me, that's for dern sure. Lock and load.

We have got to pull it together folks, time is up and I don't know what to do since so many just think we are all conspiracy theorists and wack jobs. Well, I am here to tell you is not conspiracy theory - it is fact - the NWO, the elite, the global bankers, whatever you want to call these evil, blood sucking lucierians pigs ARE about to use us as fodder for their takeover, their global conquest. I just don't know what to do anymore and tired of being laughed at and ridiculed all the time for my beliefs, even after 7 years of study and tangible proof - just don't know what to do other than to prep like crazy and learn all I can about survival and how to protect my family. Even soldiers on base at Ft. Knox are ignorant and do not even know what martial law is. They think the hubster is crazy for his beliefs and warnings go unheeded, they think everything will be okey-dokey(even those that do not like Obama). Can you imagine? Soldiers that do not know what martial law is? Do they know what Posse Comitatus is? Or, will they blindly follow orders thinking they are doing the right thing? They are making the country safe by being on the streets and "helping" will most likely be their thoughts and they will think that those of us that have weapons and are labeled dissedents are the bad guys. They will blindly follow orders I think and that scares the crap out of me. They do not know what the constitution really says and they do not know that it is against the constituion to be on the streets of America. So, anyone that tells you that they will not go along is full of crap - most of them will follow their orders because they are brainwashed and fed lies and do not think for themselves - this comes from the hubster who is active-duty at Ft. Knox. He also tells me that there are MANY foreign troops here in America that train with our soldiers and they certainly will have no trouble putting you in a FEMA camp or taking your weapons. Grow a backbone and learn to stand up to authority are now becoming easier as I learn how evil they are and learn what our constitution really means. Armericansurvivalist wants to try to get a nationwide group of preppers in a network - sounds like a start to me - I am game for it. Check it out for yourself.

Still buying food and medicinal products, that will be on-going for as long as we can. Found a great link from Cheryl for a survival website. Tips on making Bannock bread. Check out for the recipes. Had a great way to purify water too using pool shock - will have to get some for sure. Good site and some interesting tips.

You know, back to the crazy world for a sec, so many think the economy will be okay, meanwhile, banks are closing, treasuries yielding 0%, and thousands of new cars sit in empty lots - no one to buy them. Hmmm... sounds like trouble to me. Shipping shutting down too. No ships unloading, workers loose jobs and we get no products brought in. The whole economy is shutting down. Seeing as to how we import most everything, I think this could spell some big trouble soon. IDK.

Have you seen the commercials on TV for the Obama commemorative plates being sold? Doesn't that just make you want to puke? $19.99 - what a bargain! Cult of Obamatrons are at it again. Lets all worship his image. Isn't that a sin? I thought it was. Anyway, when you have so many people (and in other countries as well - creepy) worshiping a man, it spells trouble for sure. Gee, want his coins too? Wasn't born yet when Hitler rose to power, but this seems kinda familiar to me and look where that led.

We all, each and every one us, have so many blessings that we have to remember especially during these coming bad times. Take time daily to be thankful that you were given the foresight to prepare and rejoice in the knowledge that you are protecting you and yours. Read your bible - it will lead the way and prepare you spiritually as well. This is also a spiritual war coming at us too and you need to remember that so you do not get sucked in by cons and gimmicks. Pray for discernment in all that you see, learn, hear and witness.

God Bless and Prep On