Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pledging To Be An Obamatron

This video just makes me ill! All of these celebrities pledging to be a servant to Obama and to go "green" and pretty much do whatever Obama says. Really gonna push the green crapola - bring on the carbon taxes - yeah rah. Love the idea of being taxed EVEN MORE, love the thought of having to pay a global carbon tax to the central banks - as if we don't pay enough taxes and now they want to tax our carbon emissions - hello - anyone in the Obama camp know anything about how the world works - WE NEED CARBON to survive. These celebs make me sick, no wonder I no longer watch TV. Brain-dead freaks. I will not now, nor ever pay a carbon tax. Watch it for yourself - but use caution and may want to take some dramamine first.

@&^&#@ myspacepresidentialpledgeproject #$&^!@

God Bless and Prep On

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