Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Thoughts...

I want to add some thoughts as an aside while I am listening to Big John. When you get into prepping, you need to remember that the canned foods won't last forever. You will absolutely need to have some heirloom seeds and learn to grow your own garden. This is a must or you will not survive. Start planning your garden now.

We ordered our seeds from Big John at survivalistseeds and we went to his site and printed out everything about these seeds such as how deep to plant then and how far apart and all that good stuff.

Start with where you are going to grow your garden. You might not want to dig up a big fat rectangle smack dab in the middle of your yard - people going by your place will certainly spot that for sure and this invites trouble. Plant smaller areas around different places in your yard, learn to disguise these area with brush etc. Probably won't be able to have a perfectly manicured yard this summer, so allow it to grow up a little to help disguise your garden - who needs their yard to look like a golf course anyway - not us.

Personal thought - once you start to realize all of the bad things that the government does and big companies like Monsanto, you realize that they want you to have this perfect yard, free of weeds. Why? Well, I think they don't want us to know about all of the great "weeds" that God created for us for food and for medicinal purposes. Learn now, while you can what plants around you that you can eat and use to treat any health issues. I don't care how you learn it, buy books or search the net and print it out and put in your library for future use. Do it, I promise you will need to know this.

All this talk about a garden makes me want winter to be over with all that much faster and as I write this, it is -4 outside here in Indiana. Yuck. Made quick work of the barn chores today - the alpacas probably were wondering what my problem was since they were nice and toasty with all of their fleece! Cold doesn't faze them a bit! Lucky them. I weigh 90lbs and I am cold all the time and seems like I wear long underwear 9 months a year. Sucks big time.

Catch ya later!

God Bless and Prep On


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