Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playin' It Up For The Masses

Hi folks, I wasn't gonna blog tonight because I am pooped - we moved all of our preps from one room to another tonight so the kids could use the downstairs bedroom to sleep in instead of crashing on the couches (I like to have them downstairs when hubby is away at Ft. Knox). Jeez, it took 5 hours to do everything - dern - haven't had much time tonight to read the sites I visit, but I did manage to peruse a few headlines. What I skimmed tonight was more of the same ole' same ole' BS and glorified tail fluffing by the elite. They are really playin' it up for the masses.

Let's see - really liked Osama putting out a new video calling for a jihad against Israel - play this up and really stir the pot - give Israel, and the US, more newsworthy reason to just bomb the livin' crap out of everyone over there. Jeez, wake up - Osama is dead already.

Then we have Israeli chairman Lieberman saying they should do to hamas what the US did to Japan in WWII - hmmmm, is he saying nuke the crap out them then? Have to wonder.

Three rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel - provocateuring??? I don't know. Bound and determined to get into Lebanon as well. And never underestimate Russia these days - she is lurking and ready for a fight and she knows that we are vulnerable and getting more day by day.

Really liked the article about about shipping rates hitting zero as trade sinks - not much shipping going on now so I reckon this means our supplies of just about everything here will be getting pretty slim soon. Worse levels since record keeping began. And, the Baltic Dry Index is way down too with may ship owners berthing their ships instead of loading and sending them out - seems like letters of credit from the banks are nonexistent (didn't we bailout the banks?) so that the ships that did make it here couldn't unload their shipments. Sounds like one big giant mess to me. I have to wonder how long before the shelves start becoming emptier and emptier. Guess we really need to step up the prepping and go shopping this weekend and tie up the loose ends in the food preps. Have to grab some more ammo too I think. Do or die now I say. Dern the bills anyway - they can wait I reckon. At least we have all of our guns now and have just been buying ammo for the past month or so. Guns certainly ain't cheap nowadays! Six days until Obama takes office. yeah rah - what else bad will happen next week? Seems like I am holding my breath waiting for...

Enough for tonight - want to do some more reading and then go to bed - most likely not to sleep though as lately having trouble in that area.

God Bless and Prep On



  1. "Seems like I am holding my breath waiting for..." You have a case of the Auntie May's. That just means you are ANTIcipating something MAY happen. Seems like it is a growing malady as the new year progresses.


  2. Agree, just waiting for the dopes to pull their next stunt, such as Obama and his "economic" package that will just take us into hyperinflation combined with stagflation - what a super combo. I agree with your post today that those that are to stupid to stock up are gonna die. God help us all!