Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ready Or Not

Here it comes and I wish they - those powers that think they be - would just get this show on the road already. I am tired of waiting with my breath held in anticipation and trepidation. It is all starting to wear on me and make me become more and more aware of just how stupid and trivial this life living within the beast system really is. I mean, does it really matter what kind of car you drive or what brand of purse you carry? Does carrying a designer purse make you special and better than those that don't have a special purse? Nope. Now, don't get me wrong, I do carry a Coach purse and I have had it for a while now and I do like, but I would not go buy one now because my whole mentality has changed - if it ain't beans-bandaids-bullets, then I don't need it. I will not buy anything now that doesn't have to do with prepping.

All the news I have skimmed so far tonight is the same ole bs and rhetoric they are so very good at. Now, one article I just read the headlines on was that poor little Isreal was upset, they are "hurt" by the anti-semite attitude because of their war with Gaza. Oh, the poor little zionists! My heart truly bleeds - and that bridge I have is still for sale for a really low price, but you must live in another country to buy it. Hurt, give me an ever-lovin break.

Then you have Hilary not wanting to have any talks with Hamas, hmmm. Well, wouldn't do an good since the Mossad started hamas anyway - all a game. Play it up for the sheeple - the show will go on!

Bernake wants the "other" $350 billion now to help his crony bankster buddies all huddled for the next handout, as if $9 trillion isn't enough. Where's some help for us here? We could have that really sweet solar generator with a little bailout money!

Well, the elite have been practicing their drills today too, guess they need to be really ready for the next phase in their plan.

I will just continue to do preps and wait for the next shoe to drop.

God Bless and Prep On


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