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I just have to have a tiny little rant for all of the ladies out there! Now, those of you that are "awake" and are preppers - you will know where I am coming from, but for those of you who are not in these categories - listen up and listen good. Oh, by "awake" I mean those of you that know that we are in some serious trouble with the economy and with our government too - you ladies understand exactly what I will lay out in this blog. Comment at the bottom to add your 2 cents worth ladies so that we can band together and wake up some more ladies out there!

The economy will not right itself, the government won't stay out of it long enough for it to right itself and everything they throw at it is like adding gasoline to a wild fire on a windy day. As for the government, well, our rights as sovereign u.s. citizens is being eroded and stripped away until there is almost nothing left of our constitutional rights at all - the PATRIOT ACTS I and II have pretty much taken care of them. Read and research and you will learn, open your mind to truth no matter how painful it is to you for your life depends on learning the truth.

You have to "feel" the oppression, you have to just "know" that something isn't quite right. You watch the TV news and hear some but not much of the truth. Yet, you know all is getting worse and you hear of more and more people losing their jobs and states that are paying in IOU'S and banks buying other banks and of government stimulus plans again - the first did nothing to correct the economy and you know deep inside that this next one won't fix it either. You still have a job, but for how long? Your debit card still works, but for how long? Gas is under $2.00 a gallon, but for how long? Milk is running about $3.89 a gallon, but for how long? There is still plenty of food on the shelves, but for how long? There is still tons of cheap chinese crap on the shelves for you to decorate your abode with, but for how long? So, what are the answers? Let me lay out a worse case scenario for you - we preppers term the following either TSHTF - the shit hits the fan or TEOTWAWKI - the end of the world as we know it. You get the picture.

Scenario #1
When an economy crashes, so to speak, it usually doesn't just happen overnight (unless you live in Iceland and that happened pretty dern fast), it is a gradual decline. We are seeing this decline that began over a year ago, but became main stream news in the fall of last year. So far, in many parts of this country, the money still is flowing. Makes it all seem a little unreal, almost like nothing is really wrong. But, what will you do when your debit card doesn't work? Do you have any cash on you? Do you have food stocked up? Can you live without the funds that are in your bank for a long period of time? If not, then you are in some deep trouble. A bankers holiday could feasibly happen anytime, and this means that the banks close their doors and no electronic transactions are conducted for an unspecified period of time. When the public discovers this, panic will ensue. The store shelves will be empty in a matter of hours and no new shipments will be forthcoming. How will you feed your family?

Scenario #2
The economy does not crash so fast and the banks do not have a bankers holiday, but the federal reserve has printed sooo much money out of nothing, the u.s. government cannot service its debts to foreign countries - the whole thing blows up! Hyper-inflation sets in. This means that a gallon of milk may now cost you $20.00 and this type of price increase goes for every single product in the stores. The shipping from other countries where we get most of our products (china) is all but non-existent and you cannot afford it anyway. No jobs out there and no income.

I have summarized these 2 very real scenarios and made them very simple, but you should get the idea. There is so much more info that I could get into (the police state, global banking fraud, and the federal reserve etc), but in the interest of not boring you to death I will let you go through all of our blogs in this network and learn for yourselves and also check out news sources such as and - to name a few. No, the reason for this post is as follows:

Ladies - GROW SOME OVARIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick to death of women who say "No guns in my home! We have kids!." or "Oh, they scare meeee!"
I am a woman and I am armed and I know my weapons well and I will use them to protect my family and our home.
I am not so worried about martial law and soldiers on the streets and coming to our homes - YET. Not when all this first happens...

I worry about looters and that mid-level yuppie banker dude (now out of work) and his soccer mom wife with 2.4 children down the road who did not prepare and does not have any food in his house and after a week or so becomes desperate. I can just imagine the conversation in that home. It would go something like the woman would be gripping and whining and crying for the man to do something, anything - the kids are hungry and so is she. He becomes desperate and goes into town to discover others in the same boat and they group together and pick out a house to rob. A house that there is not much activity and when they have seen someone around it, they don't look like they are on the same depression diet as they are. Hmmm.. you just became the target even though you thought you were doing great by having preps in order, but you really didn't want guns in your house or you didn't want to spend money on them - whatever.

They come to your house, your husband knows that they are up to know good, he saw some of them flank the house as he and the kids watched their approach from different windows. You do not have enough food in the charity pile to help all of them. You are stuck. Do you honestly think that your husband can hold off a number of armed thugs who want your food and are desperate and will not go to their homes empty-handed and face their wives and kids? They are hungry. There is no police around, the phones no longer work. You are on your own. Hunger causes a weird panic in people and watching your wife and children go hungry makes them even more panicked. Hungry thugs that will steal your food will also do other harm - especially to the females in the family. Do you want to be raped or see your girls raped? Your family will pay the price if you are not prepared and armed. Personally, I do not expect my husband to defend this farm on his own. He is only one man. I have my responsibility to aid him in the defense of our home and of our family. We are married and in this together. He is not omnipresent and last time that I checked he was not Rambo.

Men are the head of the households, but women are the backbone - or the glue that keeps it together. There is a certain innate strength that women have to protect their family at all costs - that momma bear thing. It is up to you to see that your family is protected. Get over this fear of guns and quit telling your husband NO, grow some ovaries and get on with it. Guns are not bad, they are a tool. It is up to the person using the gun on how it is used. They are not evil entities. God tells us to protect ourselves and to stand up to evil-does and to tyranny. Psalms 94:16 "Who will rise up for me against evil-doers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?" You ladies out there who will not allow guns make me sad. Quit being prissy and take a stand - God has put this burden on your shoulders.

I don't know what will happen in the future, but things are not looking so good at the moment and you should be prepared not only with food and water but guns and ammo as well. Your lives might be saved one day because you decided to take the plunge. I caution all of you though, become familiar with your weapon, take lessons and learn how to care for them the right way. Get a gun that you feel comfortable shooting, the grips or stocks fit you right and you can handle any kick it may have. I am a small woman and personally I do not feel very comfortable shooting a 12 gauge shot gun, but a 20 gauge is a great fit and I can handle the kick. Teach your children about the guns - do not put them in a drawer and tell them to keeps their hands off - curiosity will ensue. Teach your children how to use them (our children have been target practicing since they were 5 years old and they have their own weapons now that they are a little older), they will not be curious if they understand them. Our children do not mess with the guns without asking first - then we all go outside as a family for some fun! Use common sense depending on your situation, but it always seemed kind of silly to me to have your handgun in your nightstand and the ammo in the desk drawer in the office. What, are your going to tell a burglar to hang on for a minute while you go get the ammo and then fumble around loading it? Or, I know, you just may throw the gun at the burglar! Uh huh, that's what I thought - grow up and grow some ovaries! Education Education Education

I do not want to sound nasty or anything like that, but I fear for all of you out there that have no protection and I do not want to see bad things happen to good people. When things become out of the ordinary, people will be gripped by panic like we have not seen in this country in a very long time, if ever. These times are so different. WE do not know our neighbors and gangs roam the cities. It is not safe now, let alone is times of trouble. Please think about what you just read - the decision is yours. Do not let the government scare you with all of their anti-gun propaganda - you are an adult and you have a right to protect yourself and your family and your property.

God Bless and Prep On

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  1. Great post. Couldn't agree more. My wife did NOT like the idea of a gun in the house at first. I showed her how a weapon can be safely stored in a house with kids, and also still be quickly accessible. We talked it out, I made her a part of the decision on which type of weapon to buy, and now she feels safer WITH a gun here. And, she knows how to use it when needed.

    Keep up the great posts!